Minutes Wed Jan 11 2017

Attendance:  RobM, Denton, Bruce, Steve, Trent, Sam, Ken, Dale, Garth, Ralph, Fred, Wayne, Chris, Harley, RobS

Call to order 7:15

Errors or omissions from the minutes: Sam and Garth were at Skating party, Motion Ralph, 2nd Ken CU


  • Thank you card from Literacy for Life.
  • Request for funding from the Calgary Drug Treatment Court Society.
  • AGLC – Current use of Proceeds List
  • AGLC – Charitable Gaming – Policy Amendments bulletin
  • December bank statements
  • Christmas card Wayne Anderson

Treasurer Report: Denton
•   See attached
Gaming Report: Bruce
•  Casino is Q4 2017
Membership: Trent
•  none
Projects Report: Harley
• No report
Risk Report: Sam
• We are in good standing

Old Business:

  • Dues are due
  • HR foodbank drive, Club in support, Rob will talk to foodbank to get best time to do (Salvation Army) maybe Kin kindness day
  • Sobeys would like to partner with us for a project (foodbank drive?)
  • Sam spoke with Okotoks would like to do joint CF fundraiser, Pete has ideas will pass to Harley
  • Foothills search and rescue need donation for new command bus, suggested we do as a joint venture, Sam and Garth will call the other clubs ($2500?) Okotoks are on-board.  Garth will check their Gaming status. Ralph, Notice of motion to donate $2500 to Foothills search and rescue

New Business

  • Garth, BBQ family day serving beef on bun, (5 Kin available)
  • May 6 Sat, Memorial centre, 80-150 people for beef on bun (8 Kin available)

50 / 50 draw: Fred Jspades, Garth 6spades
Good of Kin: Stolen ATMs, Rachel Notley & HR Flyers
SGT Report: RobM 8:75
Motion to Adjourn: Sam 8:29

Dinner next meeting Harley