Head shave for cancer

Wednesday Nov 24, 2010

Kinsmen raise $4,800 for cancer research

By Angela Hill
HIGH RIVER TIMES EDITOR in the High River Times November 26, 2010
The Scout Hall was a “buzz” on Wednesday evening as nine members of the Kinsmen Club of High River went under the razor as part of the club’s Reach for a Cure cancer fundraiser.

High River salon How We Do donated its tools and head-shaving experience to make sure the night was a cut above others.
“How We Do is not only donating their time to shave our heads, but they’ve been taking donations in the shop doing pink streaks for breast cancer and they’re donating those proceeds, $150, to our cancer drive here,” said Organizer Rob Willard.
Willard was the first to go under the razor while his wife Krista Willard laughed and captured each moment on film. His thoughts weren’t focused on the razor though, but on the amount of money raised.
“We’re sitting around $4,800 and there’s still donations coming in,” he said. “I’m expecting to break $5,000, which is great, I’m really happy with that.”
Choosing November for a head-shaving event is very brave for these nine Kinsmen members and in retrospect Willard said he wished he would’ve chosen a warmer time to go bald.
“I’m probably the only person in the world who schedules a head shave for a time when we’re one of the coldest places on Earth,” he said. “If we do it again, I’ll do it at a different time of the year.”
After Willard braved the first cut, his fellow Kin, Matt Bauman, Harley Clark, Rodney Ezard, Lincoln Frey, Ralph Hummel, Rob Moncrieff, Brian Wheeler and Doug Wood, followed suit.

Garth Brookwell, 2009-2010 Club President, is proud of his fellow Kin and all they do in the community.
“Kinsmen plays an integral part of the community from fundraisers to sponsoring,” said Brookwell. “We do barbecues for the kids’ hockey and Family Day, four-on-four for the tykes, manning the barricades at the Santa Claus parade, rodeo security…we just do whatever we can do for the community.”
Recently the Kinsmen cleared off the graffiti plastered on the shed located at Kinsmen Park or Little Bow Circle, which is situated behind the Recplex. In addition, they support Swing in the Park every year as their thanks to the town they love.

“Kinsmen do so much and we’re all friends,” he said. “We enjoy providing services to people in the community, that is what Kin is all about.”

Swing in the Park III

Sunday Aug 22, 2010
Sunday’s weather was iffy to start but ended up perfect ~ no rain, not cold, and not too hot. And people came out in droves. An estimated 500 people took in the concert. They enjoyed an afternoon of great weather, wonderful music, and lots of hot dogs, smokies, and hamburgers. Toes were tapping, bodies were swaying, and people were dancing.
We received many warm and wonderful comments, along with lots of thanks for doing this. The band had a really good time and are anxious to do a repeat performance next year. Swing in the Park IV?