Attendance:  RobM, Bruce, Steve, Ken, Milt, Garth, Ralph, Frank, Harley, Denton, Chris
Milt returns to the fold, welcome back
Call to order 7:07pm

Errors or omissions from the minutes: posted today not yet read
•    Kin Canada bursaries currently down 40% from last year
•   Annual return received we are good now
•   Stars looking for donation
• Spring Zone Mar 11 in Drumheller ($50.00 pp dinner & dance) Super 8 nearest, deadline Mar 8

Treasurer Report: Denton
•           See attached
• Note: Literacy for life cheque gone (from Gaming) Gaming Report: Bruce
• Query on Hal Rogers endowment fund qualifying for Gaming funds, TBA Membership: Trent
•     None Projects Report: Harley
•           Pete Lawson wants to talk to RobM
•   Pete has some donation from Highwood golf and country club Risk Report: Sam
•           None (by phone)

Old Business:
•    Harley, Steak dinner at Masonic hall, Rob will contact to see what Sat’s are free
• HR foodbank drive, Sat 11 Mar at Sobeys 11am to 2pm, need to advertise, Garth will contact
Charley Brown to do Radio call out
• Foothills search and rescue need donation for new command bus. Garth will checked their Gaming
status it is okay. Ralph brought forward, Notice of motion
Motion, Ralph, to donate $2500 to Foothills search and rescue from Gaming, 2nd
Garth, CU
•    Fish and Game bartending, Dale is contact, need more people
•    Sam Sno-Pitch team 8 Apr
•    Rocky mountain Kinette’s District convention, Apr 27-29
•    Kinettes, suggest bowling night with us and Okotoks Kinsmen (Kinettes organising)
•    Garth and Sam to try and meet with Memorial centre to find out what are the rules for hosting

• Bursaries Nicole and Courtney. Motion Bruce to put forward Nicole Steed for Kin Canada Bursary
2nd Fred CU Rob will send application and contact Kinettes. Courtney’s application given to HR
• Website, Garth working on securing member site will send out login details asap
• Notice of Motion, Denton, to donate $1000 to Stars air ambulance, Bruce will check their gaming
New Business:

•    Family Day, Garth, Milt,Sam, RobM, Frank, Steve, Ralph, Chris
50 / 50 draw: Ken 2spades, Steve 8spades Dinner next meeting Mar 8 by Harley
Good of Kin: Ken told what he claimed was a joke SGT Report: $5.25
Motion to Adjourn: Garth 8:45pm
Date               Day                 Event                                               Location
Mar 11           Sat                  Foodbank drive                              Sobey’s
11am-2pm Mar 11           Sat                  Springzone
Mar 18           Sat                  Fish game bartending                   Memorial centre
2 shifts Apr 8              Sat                  Sno-Pitch
Okotoks On-Deck
May 6             Sat                  Cooking beef on bun                      Memorial centre
Cooking roasts at Garth’s